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If you rent a house, condo, dorm room, or even an apartment in Maryland, renters insurance should be your number one priority. In fact, some landlords may even require that you get an insurance policy before signing a lease.

If vandalism, fire or theft damage your property, it’s highly unlikely that your landlord/landlady will chip in and cater for the expenses.

So, What’s the Course Of Action?

It’s simple. Get a renter's insurance policy, otherwise referred to as tenant's insurance. We fully understand the time and costs involved in building a personal empire, regardless of its size. When it comes to taking care of it, however, the ball is squarely in your court. Having a renter’s insurance policy can pay for the replacement of your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged.

Based on your preferred policy, your insurance will cater for the replacement of items using either of the following methods:

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV)
  • Replacement Cost

Other Options to Choose From

As part of the renter's insurance package, liability coverage safeguards you from domestic injury claims. If a loved one gets injured on your property, your insurance will cater for the resulting medical bills and payments. If legal matters arise, i.e., you get sued for the injury, this coverage will also provide for this.

What Should You Do Next?

Get in touch with our skilled and friendly representatives at Shelley's Insurance Agency in Maryland. We'll be able to handle any query you may have regarding your preferred renter's insurance policy. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and help you get a quote. The more time you waste, the more risk your belongings face. Visit our Maryland offices today and get an unparalleled and reliable renters insurance policy!

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