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As a homeowner in Maryland, protecting your home with the right homeowner's insurance is crucial. We, at Shelley's Insurance Agency, provide a variety of coverage options that best fits your lifestyle and your budget.

It is a smart decision to purchase homeowner’s insurance, but the law may not require coverage in some locations. In Maryland for instance, the laws regarding the requirements for homeowner’s insurance vary depending on many factors which include:

Must-buy laws

The state of Maryland does not require every homeowner to purchase insurance. Nevertheless, if the homeowner’s home association votes to have homeowners purchase the coverage, then they will have to. If they do not vote on the subject, the homeowners may not be required to purchase coverage. Also, the state law mandates that your insurance company can legally cancel your policy if you fail to pay your premiums, modify your property to where it is uninsurable, or make false claims.

Lenders rules

Most mortgage lenders in Maryland often require that homeowners purchase some form of basic coverage to protect your residence until the loan is paid off in full. The set rules and regulations by a lender vary from one to another. It is vital to read through the file keenly before taking up the coverage option for your home. Based on the value of your house and the hazards associated with the building, different companies will require different amounts of protection

Getting the right plan

Generally, the best way to find the right plan is working with an independent agent who can provide a wide array of options based on the needs of the lender and personal set budget to get appropriate coverage depending on the inventory of all your major possessions. These policies can range from liability, property protection, structural repairs, weather, and more.

At Shelley's Insurance Agency, our independent agents will provide you with a variety of coverage options and help you decide on the best policy that will give you the highest level of protection that can fully rebuild or replace your home after any form of loss.

Although the law may not require coverage for your home and belongings, purchasing insurance to protect your personal assets in case of an accident is essential. Contact us today at Shelley's Insurance Agency in Maryland for a quote, great service, and a reliable policy.

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