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ProtectYour Maryland Business with a Commercial Insurance Policy

Maryland businesses are what drive the economy and help everyday residents of the state provide their family and themselves with the means to be financially stable in their lives. Because of this, it is important for business owners to insure their company against incidents and accidents that could damage or stall their operations and provide protection for their employees. Some of the commercial insurance options we offer include:

Standard Commercial Insurance Options

Property damage

This is a form of liability that protects property from damages and can replace or repair it. It is smart for those to acquire this type of policy if you have an inventory of items you sell or use.

Bodily injury liability

This covers injuries to customers as a result of your product or because of something on your property. It will pay for medical bills and legal fees due to an injury.

Personal injury protection

Acts of defamation, libel, copyright transgression, invasion of privacy or property, false arrest and eviction, and any other related acts that cause damages to people’s rights are covered by this policy.

Legal defense and judgments

This policy covers costs to defend your business against lawsuits filed against you. It can help with legal fees and defense costs.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is required by any business who has two or more employees. It covers costs of medical bills and work interruption costs due to injuries at the work place. It can also pay for legal fees if the employee decides to sue your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance Options

Uninsured and Underinsured motorist coverage

If you have employees that use vehicles in relation to your business, this policy will cover accidents they are involved with in which the other party does not have enough insurance to cover damages or do not have insurance at all. This can also cover hit and run incidents to your company or employee’s vehicle.

Collision coverage

This pays for damages to your company vehicle should your employee or you be at fault in an accident and need to repair or replace the vehicle used for the business. This will not cover the other party's vehicle if you are found to be at fault. Liability protection will be required by law.

Each situation, with regards to the above policies, is unique in its own way, but the general guideline for any business operated in Maryland, the type of business you operate, or products that you manufacture determines how much commercial insurance you will need.

Our professional and independent commercial insurance agents at Shelley's Insurance Agency in Maryland will work with you to create customized policies that suit your business' individual needs and provide protection for you, your employees, and your inventory. Contact our offices to receive a quote and to have your questions answered.

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